Secret Beyond the Secret


The following passages are taken from the book “Secret Beyond the Secret”

In this last step of the formula you will be flooded with signs and clues as God, this universal force, communicates with you. All you have to do during this step is to recognize the clues and take action with no hesitation.

In the previous step, Dream, you learned the importance of not feeling anxious about “when” and “how” events will occur. In this step you will learn to recognize which opportunities are worth following. In the meantime, continue to enjoy life. You also have to work toward sharpening your intuition in order to recognize and correctly interpret the signs at this step. In this chapter I would like to introduce some of the methods I’ve been using to sharpen my intuition.

The following strategies are discuss in this chapter and can help you to succeed at this stage.

  • Sharpen your intuition with games.
  • Practice following signs while driving.
  • Ask a specific question before falling asleep.
  • Never give up when missing a sign; keep working on your intuition.



end of chapter


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