Secret Beyond the Secret

Change is a Law that can’t be avoid

The following passages are taken from the book “Secret Beyond the Secret”

One of the things that people often try to avoid is change. It’s in human nature to resist change and to wish that things would stay the same way forever. But life is like a roller coaster, right? You can be hit by surprises despite your good efforts to remain positive and in good spirits.

Life is so complex, because everything is in movement and only a few things can be predicted with absolute accuracy. Not just our own decisions but also other people’s lives and decisions affect us too. However, our destiny and purpose will still remain the same. We may discover that we need to make turns here and there, rather than just go straight forward. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared for changes.

This chapter explains in detail how to handle change by using the same four steps, Think, Pray, Dream, Dare, and by applying them in new circumstances when the change occurs. You’ll also learn how to recognize the right choices. When you learn how to adapt yourself to new situations and face changes without fear, then you are ready to embrace your purpose in life.  Once you know how to attract happiness and blessings in your life, it is time to prepare for the changes and challenges that you will encounter down the road.

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