My thoughts this morning are with my lesbian sisters and gay brothers. Keep fighting for your rights but chose the right weapon.

As I was reading this morning the news about the pseudo-lesbian Russian singer’s performance at the Winter Olympics, I was shocked to learn about Russian law banning gay “propaganda.” I just could not believe that people of the world continue to discriminate others for their choices. On the other hand, I do not want to encourage or discourage anyone’s preferences about their sex life. In fact, I believe people’s preference about how they like their sex is only their own private choice and don’t need to be made public or insulted publicly. You see, I am against the “Pride Week” in Toronto not that I don’t respect lesbians and gays choices but because I believe they don’t need to go to the extreme and make themselves look ridiculous in order to tell the world that they have rights. I would participate and encourage them to keep celebrating the “Pride Week” if instead of nude and seminude people they show decent people that share their achievements in life and career just like the rest of the other heterosexual people. I would be happy and cheer for them in that “Pride Week” if in that exhibition they would show the progress of their attempts and their collaboration with other organizations on making themselves acceptable worldwide.  You see, showing the lesbian affection publically, a dance, or a song will not make it right and will not make people accept homosexuality. Showing others that you are just like everyone else, you think and perform your everyday duties like everyone else and sometimes even better, only then the mass of people who had trouble understanding “your preferences” will start accepting and understanding you.

I love my lesbian sisters and gay brothers, but I just think that it’s now time to be more serious about it. Everyone has the right to choose what they want to eat, some are vegetarians, some are meat eaters and others prefer kosher food. The same should go for sexual preferences. However, we do not see vegetarians holding a “Pride to be vegetarian week,” or eating carrots publicly in a show. I believe eating and sex must be considered of the same importance because both are physical needs of humans. The difference is that eating in public is considered normal, while having sex in public is considered porn and wrong. Therefore, keep it that way. Fight for your rights my friends not by showing publicly how a lesbian enjoys kissing another girl but in contrary, by showing others that this is a private choice and therefore it’s no one else’s business. I believe, that’s the key my homosexual friends, I love you very much and I want you to win your rights. Therefore, tell the world that it is your right and it’s a private choice, therefore no one should put you on the spot for your preferences just like no-one puts vegetarians on the spot.


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