R.I.P. my dearest coach Susan Levin

One of the best life coaches I have ever known, Susan Levin had suddenly passed away on November 1st of this year, and I just came to know about this right now. I am very sad, deeply sad about this news. She coached me and prepared me for public speaking, she encouraged me and assisted me when I needed help. She was a wonderful person.

Susan Levin was not only a smart women and a successful business person, she was someone who I could rely on talking about destiny and she would understand. Not only she had a big heart to go above and beyond and sincerely help everyone that could used her service, but  also she had a big patience to listen to your stories and understand you. But yes, Susan as her business partner said in her speech  was also “Impatient.” Susan was impatient because she knew she had things to do, before her time would run out. She was impatient to help as many as she could before she would leave  this place. Only people who understand destiny would be this impatient as she was. Yes, Susan could have made some spelling mistakes (as her business partner Jean-Noel Bassior said in her speech) when she sent out rush emails to her speakers community to notify us about great speaking opportunities, but she was impatient to bring the good news, and that’s what counts.

Only those people who believe in destiny and have discovered their destiny would understand the rush you feel to share the news, to share the knowledge you came across, and to help people to be illuminated too. Only these type of people would care more about the knowledge and service they bring than about looking good, looking professional  and being attractive so they can attract more clients into their business. Susan Levin, was one of those rare people that understood destiny very well and knew her day to be with Angels was near and that she had to finish her service before leaving us.

May you Rest in Peace my dearest coach Susan Levin. Until I join you, I will miss you very much.


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