There is nothing mystical or supernatural in applying occult or magic.

The more you learn about ancient wisdom, the more it surprises you as how much of this wisdom is misinterpreted for mystical. And of course some of those secrets I believe would be better if left unspoken. Nevertheless, since many secrets of ancient wisdom have already come out, I feel it’s better to explain and make people aware of what is the truth behind mysticism and occult, rather than allowing ground for misinterpretation. Only three centuries ago, people were so ignorant that a mechanical clock that played music and steered automated dolls around would be considered the work of devil. Church wouldn’t hesitate around 1750, the witch hunting period, to condemn with life sentence anyone who would not be able to explain the knowledge that they got and even worse when they were not able to convince ill-informed masses that what was conceived as supernatural or the work of devil was pure science.

The bitter truth is that some facts are hard to explain, and because of this, some people would always jump to misinterpretation. They misinterpret facts not because of misunderstanding or any lack of knowledge, but for their own profit. Others, who follow such leaders, merely follow them because of fear that it has been triggered in their minds. And we all know that human history is filled with injustice, inquisition, arguments, religious wars, cold wars, unspoken wars, all because of misinterpretations.

In this article, I am not going to solve this human problem. As an old saying goes “You can’t cut the old oak in one strike.” However, one strike will still help, and hopefully others will join. So, where would I start? I want to start with a simple question that my seven year old son asked me three years ago, “Mom, if prayers and wishes always work, and it’s all about energy, do bad wishes and bad magic spells work too?” Three years ago, I didn’t know how to answer this question. To protect my son from being afraid of the idea of black magic, or evil eye, I told him that bad wishes don’t come true. However, deep down it started to bother me that I didn’t have any real explanation for that. The truth is that curses or bad wishes do work. People who wish you bad, they can really harm you. Even though, very often people try to deny that a problem exists, we cannot hide this fact for very long that curses and bad spells have power and what happens to some people, unfortunately, are not just freak accidents. Most importantly, how can we explain this occurrence in relation to God? Why would God allow bad things to happen?

It took me three years of studying occultism through whatever material I got my hands on. I tried to make sense of magic spells and to interpret the general information about magic in terms of energy. Being already convinced in the existence of antimatter as the opposite of matter, which is nothing more than a special type of magnetic field, and being the founder of the theory of antimatter and its twelve laws, wasn’t hard for me to realize at this point that what is happening in the world of magic and occult is the manifestation of this powerful energy. The trust that we experience at one moment, the powerful thought produced in our brain, are of this magnetic field of antimatter, and this energy will eventually make things happen. We see the energy of antimatter everywhere in our life and even in the medicine field. We call it Placebo effect. How could thoughts be such a powerful source of antimatter energy? We can’t even see thoughts… And that’s true, thoughts are invisible, but they exist and these thoughts once created, affect our lives. In the same way that we cannot see magnetic field of Earth, but we know it’s there, we cannot see air or oxygen, but we know it’s there, also antimatter cannot be seen but it’s there. What makes thoughts powerful is this invisible ingredient-antimatter. Antimatter is just a special type of magnetic field. And since God created us to produce thoughts and use them to our own advantage, then why would it be a concern that someone’s advantage is someone else’s disadvantage? How can you decide what’s morally right or not? What’s good or bad? One who steals money from a bank is called a robber, but one who steals money from his own people in a sophisticated way because has the power and the laws that protect him/her for doing so, is called a politician?

So, in this world made of matter, we start realizing that there are invisible forces which we call them by different names. In religion we call them faith, in spirituality we call them spirits, souls, in medicine we call them placebo effect, in psychology we call them the power of autosuggestion, hypnoses, and in politics we call them the power of framing the issue. It all comes to one point, the power of our thoughts. And, it all comes from one source, the brain.

Now that this secret is out, and in fact it has been around for centuries, the other problem that we must face is the fact that not all people think the same. Some are generally prone to think positive and others are generally prone to think negative. In positive psychology, the newest trend of psychology, we call them affects. So people with more positive affects, will always be more optimistic, great dreamers, will never mind challenges as long as they have a passion, a desire, a goal to follow for the common good. Others, on the extreme camp, with more negative affects, will always be pessimistic, worried, and afraid of new things. They will not follow a goal that would bring common good unless they are promised their individual profit. And of course we have people in between of these two camps. All these people produce thoughts positive and negative and in between. The energy of thoughts is out there and is affecting us every second. There is only one more problem: The balance. For the sake of balance and our own existence, we cannot get rid of negative thoughts or negative energy, as we should not get rid of positive thoughts and positive energy. Life on Earth would not exist if Sun would not rise up in the morning and set in the evening.

So, why am I bringing up this matter, if we can do nothing about it? I am bringing it up, because I believe there is something we can do. As I understand the balance of energies, we must aim to increase the number of people that belong in the middle of these two opposite camps, and not decrease this number by recruiting more people on each side. When human society will understand the importance of this balance and avoid misinterpretation, we will live in peace. But, for as long as the negative camp is concentrating its energy, the positive camp will do the same, and war at the end could be inevitable.


end of chapter

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