Good Friday, good or bad?

Dear Christian friend. Today is Good Friday and Christians all over the world remember how Jesus died on the cross. But do you know that the first Christians, those who devotedly followed Jesus’ lessons and fanatically kept his secrets, were called Aryans? (Not Aryans as in Aryan’s race…this came later to give them a bad name) Do simple Christians today, that go to churches and blindly believe what they are told, do they know that these early Christians (Aryans) the closed and true followers of Jesus were all MURDERED and persecuted by those powerful people who formed the new line of Christianity, today’s Christianity?

So, WAKE UP my dear friends and read for yourself, and use your own judgement, not what others tell you at the mass once a week. If you believe everything you’ve been told, then how do you know that that is not Satan’s operation? God has given you a gift “your brain and your eyes” use them. Start reading books that our historians have written based on written documents of that era. Start with “When Jesus Became God” by Richard E. Rubenstein, or a series of books in this topic by Bard D. Ehrman, and all other professors and historians that have studied the topic of Jesus, and decided to separate themselves from today’s Christianity. Start reading bible yourself for once…don’t wait for others to dictate it to you what is written in it and what does it mean. If you start reading and educating yourself you will start understanding that is not such a crucial point the fact that Jesus may have died or not on that cross, but what was important is the fact that the messages he delivered through his teachings are timeless and those are the most important things in all his mission. We must emphasize the lessons not who he was and whether he died or not. And I myself chose to believe that Jesus did not die on the cross, because I take his word for it. Jesus himself said that there is only one sign to know if he is the real messiah, that’s the sign of Jonah… And the story of Jonah tells us that Jonah did not die in the whale’s belly…it only appeared that way. He came back and alive to tell people the message that Jonah was supposed to deliver. And so did Jesus. Therefore Jesus may not have die, it only appeared that way, because Jesus came back three days later to tell his followers the message he had to deliver and therefore he was the messiah. Never doubt that Jesus was the messiah, the news bearer, but always doubt what others tell you that he did or he was, because by shifting your attention away from Jesus’ most important lessons is the aim of Satan. If Church leaders emphasize the fact that what makes Catholic Church or any Other Christian Church different from other religions is the fact that they believe that Jesus was the son of God, then they purposely are undermining Jesus’s mission. Jesus mission was not to prove that he was divine and was superior than others. Jesus’ agenda, Jesus’ mission was to make people aware that their private thoughts, their intentions, and how they treat others take more precedence than their bloodlines, financial statuses, or how fanatically they follow rules of their religion when they pray and keep the Sabbath.

Based on what I myself read and perceive, based on historical documents found of the closest area when Jesus was alive, based on the analytical studies of Jesus’ mission and his historical public figure, I concluded that it is not important who Jesus was but what he did during his mission; is not important whether he died on the cross or not but what he delivered in his speeches; it is not important if he was divine, walked on water and performed miracles, but what his true mission was that shook the entire belief system of that era and continues to shake them even today, and that is why the heads of religions try to cover up the truth about Jesus mission. Jesus said something that shook them all, Jesus said that God has no favorites based on bloodlines, or how fanatically you follow rituals or how much you contribute to your church. Jesus said you are all equal to God in those regards because God does not measures your purity by the amount of contribution to the church but God judges your intentions. Therefore, the poor lady that gave her last coin as her contribution was more likely to be accepted into Heaven than those who made greater contribution, because they could afford that. Jesus said “Give Cesar what belongs to Cesar.” Isn’t that clear enough about what Jesus’ mission was? Therefore, Good Friday or Bad Friday has no importance for me at all. Jesus’ teachings live in me all year long. That’s what’s important to me.

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