What’s the truth?


David Hume was a Scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist, of 18th century. David Hume didn’t believe in any religion however, when he was asked if he believed in the existence of God he answered “Of course, I would not dare otherwise.” David Hume is known especially for his philosophical empiricism and skepticism.

One of his quotes I like to share is: “If I ask you why you believe any particular matter of fact, which you relate, you must tell me some reason; and this reason will be some other fact, connected with it. But as you cannot proceed after this manner, in infinitum, you must at last terminate in some fact, which is present to your memory or senses; or must allow that your belief is entirely without foundation.”
~David Hume

I feel totally in sync with what Hume postulates. Since we all have only partial facts of the truth then we can’t assume we know the truth. And we have only partial facts as we are limited in many things, like space, vision and time. But, if we somehow agree to accept looking at each other’s point of views with open mind, we might have an opportunity to get closer to the truth, yet, far away from it…

When humans will understand this fact, they will not brag so much anymore about knowing everything or at least will not blindly believe everything others sell them as the truth…

Advertisement and media is making things worse. Unless you promise some big lies like  “I have the cure for this, I have the solution for that…” “I have the answer to make you rich…” “I have the key to make famous… or free of debt” no one will stop and read your books.

But I do not want to lie. I have no such key and no cure. In my books I offer a new way, a new perspective to see the reality. The key is in you. Above all, I don’t want my books to be seen as promises  because in fact, once you learn to see life with different eyes, from my perspective, you will understand that you have to do the work required to make your life better and there is no magic pill. Yet, you will make your life better but not perfect.

So, at this point I stopped worrying about how to make my books more eye-catching and my website more promising as to attract more readers. I have reached the point where I believe that when the reader is ready to face a new view of reality he or she will be attracted to my book without the need of advertising.  As a Chinese proverb says, “When student is ready, the master will appear.”

Let me know your thoughts on media and advertising.


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