Is ego good or bad?

every man takes the limits of its own vision for the limtis of others

Yesterday, I had a group discussion with my psychology class about ego. Some think ego is bad and some think ego is good. It seems people have different perspectives on what we call ego. To some people “ego” is a bad thing. We say “someone is egocentric” when one thinks only for himself. However, based on Freud’s theory “ego” is the persona that makes peace between unconsciousness and “the idealized image of ourselves” the one that society would accept and praise. Therefore, ego is not a bad thing, it is a peacemaker. The bigger the ego the greater the balance. Ego is a balanced state of mind and soul. The problem it seems to be the unconsciousness, the unknown. Since it is underneath can’t be explored all at once. It takes time, and that’s why people set their boundaries to this world, thinking that they know everything they need to know. To God, however, nothing is unknown. As so, God must not have unconsciousness, and therefore no boundaries. This brings us to the conclusion that God has a great ego. Therefore ego is not a bad thing. The problem is our limited vision, our limited knowledge. As a result, we have small egos. We want to fix only what’s good and convenient for us. As I am human too, I have the same problem, but just now I woke up and I can see that there is something else beyond my vision and my boundaries. What that is…needs to be explored.


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