Can someone tell me What’s the point of Hope?

there is hope

One can argue that hope is the best thing in life. That is in fact the fuel of life. Without hope people will have no motivation for working or making things better. Without hope no one will struggle to reach the finish line of our goals/plans. But if we look at hope more carefully, hope is exactly what makes you enter a race and hoping that you will win. If you win you will be very successful and satisfied, but there is a word at the beginning of this sentence that weights a lot, the word “IF.” So what’s the point of hope?

Looking from this perspective hope is the worst part of life. You still hope that things will get better, and while you drag yourself through life you are only extending the pain. At the end the disillusion is bigger. You just like everyone else die, but you had to go through pain to live your life because of false hopes. What’s the point of hope then? IF you hope and start the race of life but then don’t win, don’t you feel like stupid for believing in the idea that you would win? I do. I feel this way every time I lose the race. And then, as gullible as we all are, we start the race all over again, hoping that this time we will win. Is there any cure for naivety or any anti-hope pill? I sure need some of that. It almost seem like we are all participants of “Hunger Games” and some weird creatures are taking pleasure from watching us race through life. These creatures are probably sitting somewhere and monitoring our progress and maybe even bet on anyone of us winning the race. What do you think?


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2 thoughts on “Can someone tell me What’s the point of Hope?

  1. I feel the same way. Except I feel like it’s a curse cause it prevents you from moving on more faster. I guess I just feel like hope is a waste of time as far as relationships or career moves, or goals… I’m not a big fan of hope….

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