This cat sees himself in the mirror. What he sees is not a cat but a lion.

Cat sees herself in the mirror. What she sees is not a cat but a lion.

Hmm…What’s wrong with this picture? Some might argue and say nothing’s wrong. In fact the cat sees his soul and so he should be inspired to be his inner self. If there is an obstacle in his life in the way to fulfilling his goals, he  can overcome the obstacle because he is a lion in the inside.
Others might argue that the cat is in fact a cat therefore by lying to him and inspiring him to feel and think he is a lion we could cause more damage than good. Convinced that he can be something he is not, he might take on dangerous adventures. And, shouldn’t we teach people to like and accept themselves for who they are? Shouldn’t we like ourselves first in order to fulfill our goals and destiny? Then, why lie to ourselves? Why lie to the cat?

Tell me what you think. On which side of the argument would you align on?


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One thought on “This cat sees himself in the mirror. What he sees is not a cat but a lion.

  1. Well unfortunately social conditioning makes most people first see a mouse! To see the cat is wonderful… Acceptance, acknowledgement, recognition.. All super traits.. But no we are conditioned first to see flaws so perhaps we see a mouse not even the self let alone a super self/ego, the lion…
    I say each has its place.. Importance is the dynamic aspect of your growth with interludes of humility and reverence for the magnitude of your potential..


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