A partner is like a hand; we take them for granted and appreciate them only when they are gone.

I had a strange, strange dream last night that gave me an insight: A partner is like a hand. When we were little and just discover that we can grab things with our little hands, we felt really excited. And then, we couldn’t wait to explore the possibilities of using our little hands even more. As we grew up, our hands became  just another part of our body. We sometimes even forget that we have hands, because we take them for granted, as if they have to exist and we use them without thinking how good is to have hands. When we grow older and our hands lose their normal functioning, we start losing the capability of using our hands, we then start appreciating our hands and what they used to do for us, again.

Some partners are like the body, where they forget to appreciate the existence of the other partner until the partner is gone. In some other cases the partner maybe like a paralyzed hand and so even though it is still attached to the body is kind of useless. And so, body learns to do things without the use of that hand.

My advice: Do not become like a paralyzed hand in your partner’s life. Be there for your partner when he/she needs you. Also use your partner because he/she is your hand, but do not forget to appreciate his/her existence.


end of chapter

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