The pattern in our lives

The life of a human goes something like this; birth…mistakes, pain, lessons… mistakes, pain, lessons… and then death…This doesn’t seem like fun does it? Can anything be done, anything at all to change this pattern? Is this in our genes or is this in our fate?

Birth and death are not in our hands obviously. Those two are results of our fate, or destiny. But I don’t think mistakes are in our hands either. Who in their right mind would want to make mistakes knowing that pain will accompany them right after? Is there something missing in this pattern or is it even possible to jump from birth straight to knowing while avoiding the pain? If we would know everything, or almost everything, we would avoid mistakes and if we can avoid mistakes, we can avoid pain. This means life would go something like this; birth… lessons, lessons, lessons and then death… hmmm….this doesn’t sound like fun either. Actually it sounds more boring than the first pattern we saw earlier. I guess God wanted us to have some excitement in life. After each mistake and pain, there comes the victory and joy of a lesson learned. How would we recognize a victory if we did not have to fight for it? I am starting to like the first pattern now even more.

After a rainy day comes the sunshine, after a cold season comes the warm Summer. In every case we experience anticipation for what is to come.


end of chapter

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