There is but one God!

It has been so long since I blogged for the last time. What happened, I don’t know. Did I run out of thoughts? Nope! People never run out of thoughts. Funny isn’t it? Thinking is like breathing. If there is something that people admire the most in themselves is the fact that they have their own thoughts. Each one wishes for a group of followers so they can talk all day long and others will listen. So, we think and think and think… Sometimes we don’t have time to listen to others, because someone has to listen to us first.

If we are so vain, and self-centred (no one can help it, don’t deny it) then this world must be a real chaos with so many different minds, different reasoning, and different tastes. No wonder there are so many religions and so many types of governing. God sure loved diversity. Nevertheless, I think God still wants us to follow rules. Symbolically speaking, God gave Jews the ten commandments, and for other groups God gave them certain rules, but they all come down to loving one another, not killing one another to make your point or gain power over others. So did any of groups followed this simple rule that God asked? Loving instead of killing, one another? Now, that’s the problem.

I thought about politics today, and politics seems like the most diverse area in our life. Apparently this is not true in Canada. I asked my husband the other day, since he teaches political science at York University, here in Toronto. I asked him about the differences between the political platforms of the left wing and right wing parties in the province of Ontario. Instead of a clear answer, he said, “well that depends.” … Then he explained to me that in Canada the parties are not much different from each other, they are both on the right side of the center for that matter, but one is more on the right than the other which makes them able to qualify for their names as Liberal and Conservative parties. Huh! This is funny indeed. “Yes, he continued” the ideas of governing are not much different between the parties and what’s different between their platforms are only the small details” (or may be just their chair looks different, I am thinking)

After this piece of information, I started to think again, (of course, we always think, can’t help it). It seems to me that the same criteria applies for different religions and beliefs too, because these also differ from one another only in small details, but not on their big ideas. We then should all agree that praying and loving God is the only thing that should really matter to us. What matters is that we accept God, not that we accept a certain religion. Jehovah, Allah, Adonai, God, I am waiting for that day to come when people will stop diving themselves in the name of God. I am waiting for the day when we will all stop fighting one another in the name of God, because there is but one God!


end of chapter

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