I don’t want to be perfect…

January 21, 2010

I don’t want to be perfect, I want to be me. Yesterday my thought about reincarnation made feel more sad than happy. If we really come back again and again in different bodies each time, which one would I choose at the end? If we come back again and again until we become perfect then I will not be different from the rest of us. But I want to be a little piece of the puzzle; I want to be unique in my contribution to humanity.

Last night I went to sleep, and as with every other night, I was pretty happy to put my head on my pillow… and then I asked God before drifting asleep “Is reincarnation true?” When I got up in the morning I remembered one expression from all the dreams I had  that night. It was as if someone said this to me in my dream, “We are all little sparkles….”. I kept thinking all day about what could it mean, and how was this related to my question. But now that I am writing about it, it makes perfect sense. I think God answered my question last night. He just did not use the same words I use for it. I have always said that we are pieces of the big puzzle and I want to be unique and stay unique as a small piece of the big puzzle, but God used another comparison. God saying that we are like little sparkles means we are not the light itself, but we are part of it. We cannot become perfect as individuals. Only together we can create light, and all together we are parts of God.


end of chapter

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