Follow signs to prevent getting hurt.

January 22, 2010

The other day someone made a comment and asked me something that I would like to address in this post. It is about my perspective on what is evil and whether or not God is to blame for allowing it. I can summarize in the following what Susan’s comments were, (let’s call her Susan). She said that in her opinion, natural disasters happen for a reason to reach an equilibrium in the environment, for example, if there are more people than resources, of course some people would have to die to create a balance in the world. Also, she said, if God is capable of creating the whole universe then why isn’t God capable of preventing something as simple as an earthquake?

I understood Susan’s point of view perfectly. If there is God, God should be able to prevent earthquakes. Such a small think like this must not be a problem for God. I get this, but on the other hand, once God has created these things, then these things that came to existence must have their own natural course to follow. If God has to prevent every earthquake then God will be going against a mechanism, against the natural laws that He himself created. And if He has to do so, then everything else has to be changed in that fraction of a second. Think for a moment what would happen if the law of gravity did not apply for just one second? What will happen to us? We will all fly into space since there will be no gravity holding us connected to Earth anymore. Therefore, nature follows its own course that God has designed to work that way following certain rules and laws since the moment He created them. It could be true that change of balance in resources is the cause of natural disasters and so, humans are the one causing the waste, not God. The solution to the earthquake is not found by preventing it from happening but by being prepared for it when it happens. Many of us have dreams and signs but we just ignore them and dismiss them because we fear of looking ridiculous or made fun of for believing these signs. Until that day comes, when the whole humanity will LEARN how to follow the signs and will be able to understand God’s way, without making fun of one another and calling each other names for doing so, we will unfortunately, continue to experience this pain of being unprepared when natural disasters occur. It seems like the process of learning is still through PAIN.


end of chapter

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