What is Evil?

January 20, 2010

Big question? What is Evil and how can we stop it? I think evil lives within us, inside us, inside our own brains. Evil is part of us. It is also called FEAR. Think for a moment:  What causes people to fight and argue about? Isn’t fear the cause? Aren’t we afraid of losing power and isn’t this the reason why we fight? Aren’t we afraid of being labeled as losers and this is why we argue with others to convince them that we are not? I believe that fear is at the root of every human’s bad decision, or what we call evil decision, evil thought. Even at the beginning of the entire human life, fear lead us to this. It was Eve, we are told, that feared on missing out on something, and that’s why she ate the apple. Then Adam ate the apple too but when they both got caught red handed, Adam feared too. He pointed his finger at Eve and said to God, “She made me do it.” All, because of fear.


end of chapter

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