Earthquake, is God to blame for allowing it?

January 19, 2010

We are created in God’s image and therefore we are creative and capable of love. We appreciate and admire the beauty that we create in this world.  However, right in the middle of our peaceful beautiful life sometimes comes the earthquake, or war, or arguments, heartbreaks, divorces, death, terrorists and distorted minds that cause devastation among us. Is this the Evil that we are talking about for so many generations? Could a natural phenomenon like Earthquake be delivered by Devil? A man who is known to be ill or schizophrenic could him be the Evil? Hmm…I have hard time believing it; I do not think so. Some people can even blame God for all the pain or devastation, arguing that if God wants, God can put an end to all this. I think everything in the material world just follows the physical laws which God created but He is not to blame. Gravity is created so we can exists and have this planet to live on, so gravity is a good thing, but on the other hand just because of this gravity the Earth happens to attract a meteor which could cause disasters, so gravity is also bad. You see, things happen, good or bad depending on how we see it, but we can’t blame God for that. Everything that is created has its own good and bad side. I believe that opposites are created to keep a balance. Earthquake only happens for natural reasons that can be explained by the laws of physics and science. But could it be that we humans cause all the troubles to ourselves? Could it be that there is some sort of connection with other energies around us which we are not aware of them yet, and every disturbance of this type of energy will create these troubles for us? Who knows! Maybe it is. Maybe we are the one to blame not God. Maybe we are just that little child that is learning to walk. As the child gets up to walk after he had been playing with his cubes on the play area and has build his own castle, he losses his balance unfortunately and knocks of his castle. The child starts crying in desperation because what he had build is now destroyed and he cannot see or understand the consequences of his own actions. He can only see and understand what happened to him, the end result of all his actions, which is the destruction of his castle. Are we behaving like this little kid?


end of chapter

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