A New Twist to the Law of Attraction

January 16, 2010

Is every experience we go through the fruit of our imagination and of our ways of thinking? According to those who believe in the Law of Attraction, we get in life what we attract through our thoughts. In other words, we attract what we think we want. This just didn’t make sense to me. I could not accept the fact that what happened to me in the past, all the mistakes I’ve made and all the bad things that had happened, occurred for no reason other than that I wanted them or attracted them. Something stronger than my desire to attract the wrong things must have happened.

Since then, I have read many books on this topic and they all explain that if we have doubts about ourselves — or if we think that things will go wrong — then things will in fact go wrong. To tell the truth, I have always been a very positive person. In whatever situation I have found myself in, I never assumed things would turn out poorly. I never doubted myself and my abilities (stupid, I know). Yet things went wrong nevertheless.

So here is the good news for those who believe in the Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction is true to some degree: as long as you do not expect things to materialize for you just because you are imagining them.  Please, don’t fool yourself by believing in everything that is shown in “The Secret.”  Many have tried it and it doesn’t work. For example; I know now that I will never win a lottery.  I did believe in the way they suggest the Law of attraction should work. I really, really, wanted to win the lottery and I could really, really feel it. I even jumped up and down (like some suggested) pretending I was holding the winning ticket in my hands. Nope, that did not work either. After many jumps up and down (hopefully I lost some weight) I finally got it. Winning a lottery is not my destination. On the other hand, I now know how to use the Law of Attraction. And Here is how; I keep a happy environment around myself and my family, I keep my head cool and myself relaxed. Doing this, I avoid anger, hate and resentment. It is in that sort of environment where I can find the solutions to my problems, figure out how to proceed, and make it further in the train of life.

I will get back to this in the future with more facts, I promise.

Exploring the Law of Attraction deeper and deeper, with all its positive aspects and faults, helped me find my new Formula “First Think, Second Pray, Then Dream, and Lastly Dare.” Each of these steps are  explained fully in my new book coming soon. It is called: “Secret Beyond the Secret”.

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