We learn through pain.

Today I was watching my little one trying to walk. She is on her first steps of life. She has just begun walking and it is hard for her to keep her balance for very long. I see her falling and it hurts me more than it hurts her, but I let her try again and again and again until she gets it right. I am so proud of her and at the same time so worried that she will get hurt. I am trying to keep her away from danger and things that might hurt her. She is learning little-by-little everyday, but unfortunately, much of learning involves pain. She fell so many times when she tried to run.  Now she has learned to walk slowly. She hurt her little head when she tried to go under a coffee table.  Now she will not go there anymore.

This experience made me think: As humans we need to experience some pain so we remember not to make the same mistake again. It starts when we are babies and it accompanies us all our lives until we die.

Now I am wondering; is this the only way humans learn? Unfortunately, I think the answer is yes. Going back through history, every new thing that has been discovered or explored, any knowledge that we pass from generation-to-generation — no matter how pleasurable or beneficial — was also accompanied by painful lessons.

I am now going even deeper; since every form of new knowledge is also accompanied by pain, is that the only reason we experience pain? What if, the lack of knowledge and the necessity to gain knowledge are the only sources of pain?  Think about it, once we learn something the pain is gone.

Therefore, I am thinking in order to end the pain we must first end our ignorance and reduce the lack of knowledge in this world.  Well, we all know that only God is the source of ultimate absolute knowledge. This means that for as long as we are trapped in a human body, from birth to death, we will experience pain in our process of learning. Only when we will rejoin God, we will not experience pain anymore, only when we gain full knowledge. Until then we must continue learning and increasing our knowledge, and get used to the fact that pain is part of life, it’s part of our learning process.


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