New compartment, New skills

January 12, 2010

I love this idea of a train being our respective lives and destiny as our destinations. Now think for a moment that this train has many compartments. According to your tickets you are only allowed to enter some of them, just some of them. In each compartment there are new life lessons and events waiting exclusively for you. The lessons and events that await you there will allow you a chance to learn a particular new skill. As the train moves forward towards your destination you must open as many compartments as possible among the ones that you are allowed to open. Now, some of us decide to stay still and do nothing with our lives. When the train finally stops, these people have not achieved much in their life; they haven’t learned many new skills. Another way to have a disappointing end is by wasting your time trying to open the wrong compartments. Even though these people tried so often and always found that a certain compartment will not be open for them, they still did not move forward to another compartment according to their ticket, according to their destiny. Therefore, the day the train stops is not the day of rewards for them, but is instead a day of disappointment. They learn the truth about how fruitful their life could have been if they would have decided to go in the right direction. Now, those among us who have decided to do something better with their lives and to follow their destinies, move forward from one compartment to the other. By the time the train is about to stop at destination these people have probably found the leading compartment of the train that they are riding in it. These people are our leaders. Everyone else is in between. Enjoy your ride 🙂


end of chapter


One thought on “New compartment, New skills

  1. I love this. Congratulations on your new blog. Along with it being very pretty looking your Thought is truly inspiring and amazing. God Bless,


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