Life is like a train

January 11, 2010

As I said earlier today Destiny is our destination. The conductors on the train, make sure that we follow our trip towards our destination according to our ticket. The train is our life, which keeps moving forward and will stop one day, that for sure. Here comes the tricky part. Sometimes people buy an expensive ticket, first class or business class. You see how well these people are being treated. They have their own cabins and beds, but you, you have to share a cabin and you have no bed. Now you want to become one of those people who are treated better. You want their position, and you have already forgotten that your ticket is a different type. Now you start thinking of what to do to become like those other people. You get so wrapped up in this idea of becoming rich and powerful that you might even forget where you are going, or what your destiny is. So, you are missing all the fun around you, you miss the beauty of this trip, you are not paying attention to learning the new things that life has reserved for you on this journey. However, even though you try really hard to get somewhere else where you do not belong, the conductors return you back to your position according to your ticket. You try so hard to go in a different direction, you might even want to change your destination, but the conductors know, they have seen your tickets, so stop fighting against your destiny. The train keeps moving, life is passing by in front of your eyes, so enjoy the trip for as long as you ride on the train.


end of chapter

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