Destiny is like destination

January 10, 2010

My oldest daughter, Julie, asked me why  she needs to study hard. Her question was “If we accept destiny as a fact, then I will become a doctor no matter what I do, if I am meant to.” My answer to this was; “You move towards destiny, not destiny towards you. Destiny is a destination.” However I kept thinking about this all day. I imagined life as a train that has a destination. Once you’re on it you have no other choice but move towards your destination. You might even want to fight it but there will be no result. Your fight against your destiny will only bring disappointments during your trip. On the other side if you decide to enjoy the trip and decide to be friends with those around you on the way, your life will have less and less unpleasant surprises. And God forbid if you decide to jump out of that train. So, to move toward destiny, we must get on that train full of experiences and surprises that will teach us the right skills to fulfill our destiny.


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