Would God ever yell?

January 8, 2010

“Would God ever yell?” This was the innocent question my son asked me this morning. Annoyed by his question I answered “I don’t know,” while I was rushing to put his scarf on and open the front door. Then I thought to myself, “Wait, I do know the answer to this question.” Proud of finding that answer, I said to him, “Jon, God will never yell, because God is love.” Then I was hit by another innocent question that left me thinking all day, “Then why do you yell mommy?” I quickly found my way out by saying, “Because I am not God.” However, all day I kept thinking about that. “Why? Why did I yell at Jon this morning? I do love my son, then why couldn’t control my frustration but instead I yelled at him?

To answer these questions, I started to analyze that very moment when I yelled at my son this morning. I remembered that while I was trying to help him put his snow-pants on, he kept moving and the straps of his pants kept falling. I was afraid that by continuing this way, he would be late for the school-bus. YES! This is the reason why people get angry, frustrated and then they start yelling at one another. People argue, disagree or can’t let go of some thoughts, ideas, or perspectives because they FEAR. Fear is the reason for all these wrong reactions. God is not afraid of anything, as God knows very well what comes next, but we are afraid, because we do not know and we cannot predict for sure what comes next. Therefore, and we react and overreact because of this fear, because of our own thoughts that trigger this fear, because we can make some logical conclusions at that moment and we think that is the correct conclusions, because we like to play God as if we already know for sure what is coming next and what will happen if others do not do what we think they should do. It is hard to control fear, but becoming aware of it is our first step to getting rid of fear.

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