Fighting Fear…

January 9, 2010

Fighting fear and trying to get to the bottom of it will be my resolution for the new year. I tried fighting my fears all day by following my own advice. I have dedicated a whole chapter to fighting our fears in my new book “Secret Beyond the Secret.” Since I know about fear and I even have my own tools for fighting fear, then how come I sometimes forget and end up being disappointed with myself for not following my own advice? That was the thought that bothered me all day today. Again, I found my easy answer, the easiest way out, “Because I am not God.” Yet, this thought kept bugging me all day. There must be a way, a permanent way, to fight our own fears once and for all and live in peace forever. Could this be possible? Do you my reader, think this is possible?

Why is fear so hard to fight and get rid of? Fear is the core of our disappointments on one side, and hard to fight on the other. So I question, what makes fears so strong and powerful, what gives fear the power to dominate over us? Perhaps fear is a necessity in our lives? What are your thoughts on this?


end of chapter

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