Hello world!

January 7, 2010

I am starting my blog today i order to express my thoughts and feelings about that invisible world that runs our lives, the world of our thoughts and souls. Thoughts, feelings and souls are invisible and yet they are so real.

We all talk about “Destiny” and our “Purpose” in life. We all know that negative feelings and bad thoughts will lead us to make the wrong decisions. Yet we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. It is clear to most of us that our lives are actually following a spiral.

The question on my mind, just like in everyone’s mind is this: Do we control our destiny or are we controlled by it? And I want to explore more and find the truth about this matter. As I do so, I will keep this journal and post my thoughts and discoveries, and my personal conclusions based on my personal perceptions of events, here on this blog. I will try not to preach, because I don’t like it when others tell me what is right or wrong either. I like to make and reach my own conclusions about things. However, I believe that if I share my perspective on things that I discover or matters that bother us in general, then some people may find themselves in my stories or may understand my perspectives and other people’s perspectives better. The bottom line is that my hope is to bring some clarity as well as some doubts on previous concepts and lessons that are brought down to us from previous generations.

Thank you so much for stopping by


Your friend.


end of chapter

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